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Janice Martin performs Star-Spangled Banner Like You've Never Seen!

Janice Martin performs Star-Spangled Banner Like You've Never Seen!

You're about to watch the world's only aerial violinist, US Army Veteran Janice Martin, perform The Star-Spangled Banner in a way you've never seen before! Our National Anthem is a fabulous piece of musical history. Back in September, 1814, Fort McHenry was under attack by the British. The next morning, just as the sun was coming up, attorney and amateur poet Francis Scott Key spied the flag still flying over the fort, and quickly wrote the first verse on the back of a letter. Later on, he added three more verses and gave it to a local printer. By mid-October, it had been published in at least 17 newspapers on the East Coast. During the 19th century, The Star-Spangled Banner became one of the best-loved patriotic songs, especially during the Civil War. By the 1890s, the military was using the song for the raising and lowering of the flag. But even with its widespread use and popularity, The Star-Spangled Banner did not become our National Anthem until 1931. Amateur and professional performers alike find our National Anthem a challenge to sing, and indeed it is! But it is easily the most recognizable tunes in the world, and is especially stirring when performed on the violin. Produced by Janice Martin Video by Jackson Appleton Video Recording by Anders Fredlund Lighting by Suzanne Stroud Rigging by Curt Zeigelbauer Makeup and hair by Xandria Brandenburg Choreography Consultant Elena Serykh Stage generously provided by Showboat Branson Belle Enjoy!