2022 Touring Schedule

Sept 15-25

Oct. 2-9

Oct. 31, Nov. 6/7

Dec. 20-27

The Janice Martin Show on the Carnival Splendor
(Honolulu to Fiji portion)

The Janice Martin Show on the Celebrity Eclipse
(Honolulu to Papeete)

Aerial Violin Performance with Warped Aerial Troupe in Milwaukee, WI

The Janice Martin Show on the Viking Ship (Basseterre, St. Kitts to San Juan)

2023 Touring Schedule

Feb. 13-18

Residency and solo performances with the Peoria Symphony Orchestra and Central Illinois Ballet (Evening performance the 18th)

April 14 & 15

Janice Martin's Flying Music Show at the Skylight Musical Theatre in Milwaukee, WI

May 2

Soloist with Peoria Symphony Orchestra Children's Concert